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Free Audioguide App

Guided tour via smartphone

A free App for your smartphone can now be downloaded for our Audioguide so you can enjoy a guided tour in the "Dachstein Ice Cave" and the "Mammut Cave". The guide is available in seven languages: English, French, Japanese, Mandarin, Czech, Italian, and Hungarian.

How the App –download works:  

  • Download free Hearonymus-App to your smartphone
  • Look for the key word “Dachstein”
  • Select guide "Dachstein Eishöhle und Mammuthöhle" 
  • In Hearonymus you find the guide in "Meine Guides"

Tip: Use for the download our free WiFi hotspots or download the App at home or en route to Obertraun

Forgotten your headphones? 
Not a problem, in-ear headphones can be purchased at the ticket counter in Obertraun for EUR 1.00