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Mountain tours

High Alpine tours on the Dachstein

Even sporty mountaineer will find something to suit their needs on the Dachstein thanks to the numerous high-alpine mountain tours.

Long and challenging tours are always worthwhile - in the end you can expect the best views from the impressive mountains of the Dachstein high plateau up to the Inner Salzkammergut.

And of course, a mountain tour also includes the obligatory stop in one of the cozy mountain huts, where you will be spoiled with delicious treats!

Attention: High Alpine terrain!

Please pay attention at high mountain tours: The weather can change quickly, please take protection against the sun,rain and cold temperatures as well as a small snack and plenty of drinkswith you! Robust hiking or mountain shoes are essential!

It's best if you convince yourself of the wonderful mountains: here a few suggestions for your next mountain tour on the Dachstein Krippenstein in the Salzkammergut.


Plan your mountain tour!

Before you undertake an extended mountain tour, plan each tour exactly. Go and get some info from hiking maps, from landlords and hut-hosts (can be very helpful). Make sure you have the necessary equipment and always stay on the marked trails/routes. If you are out of condition or a bad weather front is brewing, please turn back in time!

TIP: In the case of multi-day hikes, book the overnight stay on the mountain hut/cabin in advance.

Dachstein mountain tour

Starting point: valley station Gjaid (section III)
End point: valley station Gjaid (section III)
Difficulty: difficult tour, high alpine mountain tour
Hiking time (ascent/descent): approx. 10 hours, 12 km, difference in high approx. 1,300 m

For this mountain tour you should plan at least 2 days (with overnight stay)
From Obertraun, take the Dachstein Krippenstein cable car to the valley station Gjaid (section III), where this challenging hike begins.

From the Gjaid you hike to the Wiesberghaus (approx. 2.5 hrs) where you can spend the night. The next day – early in the morning – you watch the sunrise en route to the Simonyhütte. The route is steep and challenging and takes around 1.5 hours. Here you find yourselves at the foot of the glacier over 2,200 m.

After a stop off at Simonyhütte, you start the journey back (3 to 4 hours) via the Zirbengrube to the Gjaid Alm (here you can make your next stop and stay overnight) and the cable car station (section III).

Attention: note last cable car descent!

Obertrauner Sarsteinhütte (1.650 m)

Starting point: Catholic church in Obertraun
Difficulty: difficult tour, alpine mountain tour
Hiking time (ascent/descent): approx. 6 hours, 7 km, difference in high approx. ca. 1,100 m

The ascent starts at the Catholic church in Obertraun. At the cemetery at the top, you turn off right and follow a forest trail to the Brettstein (beautiful valley views over Obertraun). Continue the trail no. 692 (there is only one marked trail on the Sarstein!) via the Almriedl to Brindlleiten where you have the first views of the Hoher Dachstein.

After approx. 2 hours of hiking you reach the Goiserer viewing point and an hour later the Sarsteinhütte in Obertraun, a hut for self-catering guests run by Naturfreunde in Obertraun. The hut is only open in summer at weekends in case of good weather.

You continue your hike to Hoher Sarstein (approx. 1.5 hrs) or cross the Sarstein to Bad Goisern (an additional 2.5 hrs – plan your return transfer from Bad Goisern). The annual mountain mass on the Sarstein takes place on the last Saturday in August!

Modereck (2.002 m)

Starting point: valley station Gjaid (section III)
End point: valley station Gjaid (section III)
Difficulty: moderate hike, high mountain tour
Hiking time (ascent/descent): approx. 3 hours, 9 km,  difference in high approx. 250 m

As starting point you use cable car station Gjaid (section III of Dachstein Krippenstein cable car). The majority of the hike is on the trail no. 616 (this is the way to Guttenberghaus).

This is a well marked trail between cliffs and mountain pines. Pay attention after an hour of hiking as around this time you will see a small path to the left. Here you turn off and after a few minutes you reach a hill where a small hut is visible.

This small hut is nevertheless used as a shelter for sheep shearers. The Modereckhütte hut is a place where you are completely alone in this magnificent Dachstein world. It is located at 2,002 m and is the highest located hut on the Dachstein massif. The old part alongside the hut dates from the 16th century!

'Am Stein' – plateau crossing

Starting point: valley station Gjaid (section III)
End point: Ramsau am Dachstein / Schladming
Difficulty: difficult hike, high alpine mountain tour
Hiking time (ascent/descent): approx. 7 hours, 12 km, difference in high approx. 450 m

Starting point is the cable car station Gjaid (section III of Dachstein Krippenstein cable car). The majority of the hike leads along trail no. 616 (the route to Guttenberghaus). This is a well marked trail between cliffs and mountain pines. Although the hike sometimes takes uphill and downhill turns, we slowly gain altitude and the terrain becomes bare and rocky.

After approx. 4 hours you reach the highest point of your hike - the Feistererscharte at 2,198 m - and descend the narrow rocky path for another half hour to Guttenberghaus at 2,146 m. Here you can enjoy a well-deserved break. You've crossed the Dachstein plateau from the north to the south and now the descent follows. 

The terrain is rocky and partly a scree-covered. A steep serpentine trail lead through the Feisterer cirque and Tiefkar cirque downhill. After an hour you ar at around 1,500 m and it takes just another half an hour to reach the hut Lärchbodenhütte at 1,406 m. Another hour downhill until you arrive at Pension Feisterer at 1.150 m in the Ramsau am Dachstein. From here you can take the taxi to the train station in Schladming and go back by train to Obertraun. 

Tip: Touring database

In the touring database of the Tourism Dachstein Salzkammergut you find further tours for your mountain and hiking tours at Dachstein Krippenstein incl. detailed tour description, GPS coordinates and information on your holiday in the Salzkammergut.