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Tips: Hike safe!

Easy to hike at Dachstein

Hike safe? Of course! Hiking with children is fun! To ensure that you and your children return home safely you will find here some of the best and most important tips for your hiking tour.

Pay attention to the right behavior on the mountain and plan your mountain and hiking tour carefully before you start it.

Please note, that there are always some dangers on the high mountain at Dachstein Krippenstein such as, for example, the weather changes (thunderstorm, cold, fog), rockfall and avalanches in winter as well as in spring.

Pay attention to some basic rules on the mountain and your hiking and mountain tour will be an unforgettable experience!

Hiking equipment

You should take the following equipment to your hiking & mountain tour:

  • robust hiking and mountain boots 
  • hiking backpack
  • sun protection
  • warm clothing (for weather swings)
  • windproof clothing (for mountain tours)
  • enough drinks, best also some warm in the thermos
  • healthy light snack, e.g. fruit, vegetables, breads, cereals, biscuits
  • emergency kit with flashlight, matches or lighter, first aid kit (gauze bandage, leuko-plastic, paving, scissors or knife)
  • blanket
  • hiking map, etc. for orientation
  • mobile phone (for emergencies), Attention! doesn't work anywhere (funnel holes, no reception)

Hiking with small children additional in the backpack:

  • For the little ones: spare outfit, because even in bright sunshine, an excursion into the small river can provide for wet clothes.
  • For the little ones: a cuddly toy suitable for the mountain
  • For the little ones: cute plaster for critical situations to cheer

Tips for hiking & route planning

  • Plan your tours exactly and adjust the route to the weakest of the group.
  • With children, the route should be varied and neither too long nor too steep.
  • Take regular breaks, preferably at mountain huts, viewing platforms, lakes or other attractions.
  • With children make breaks for example: petting zoo, a little river or a small climbing rock
  • On the way, you can motivate children through short games, songs, small competitions (eg who finds the most beautiful hiking stick?).
  • Always stay on the marked trails for your own safety and respect and protection of the wildlife and plant.
  • Robust hiking boots with a good profile are indispensable. They provide uneven and slippery paths for a good grip. Waterproof shoes can be an advantage when you have to cross a stram.
  • Clothes should be adapted to the weather. Several thin layers make it possible to react to changes in the weather.
  • Even in the most beautiful summer weather, one should not do without raincoats. Weather swings in the mountains are often unpredictable and very fast.
  • Sun protection may not be missing in any basic equipment. The intensity of the UV rays increases with the height of the mountains.
  • If you are traveling with small children, you should also be able to carry them if necessary. Meanwhile, there are very good frame rucksacks. Children's pushchairs and strollers are only suitable for fixed and less steep paths.

Prepared for an emergency!

  • In an emergency, a mobile phone can save lives. Check if it is also charged before you start the hike and how you can access all the mobile networks in an emergency. Please observe the operating instructions for your mobile phone.
  • Leave the planned tour and the duration of your tour as well as your mobile phone number with friends, relatives or on holiday at the hotel.
  • Trust in the experiences of locals, mountain guides or huts, especially in terms of course and weather forecasts.
  • Observe weather forecasts in the media. Not only are temperatures, rain or sunshine important, but also wind and visibility.
  • Dense fog and clouds can quickly affect visibility and make orientation more difficult.

Emergency phone numbers!

When an emergency occurs, always keep quiet and try to get help with the mobile phone and by calling, waving or draw your attention to yourself by waving your clothes or banches.

Important emergency numbers:
 - Mountain Rescue: 140
 - Euro-Emergency: 112
 - Rescue: 144
 - Fire departement: 122
 - Police: 133

In case of emergency:
contact one of the emergency numbers
> give your full name
> inform what happened and
> current position i.e.. where you are

Never leave injured persons alone!


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