Safety first
off piste

Freeride safely! Safety first off piste

To ensure you enjoy the freedom of the Krippenstein accident-free and do not fall down a sinkhole or suffer an avalanche, please take note of the following:

  • Check your avalanche transceiver equipment before every ski run, ensuring it is switched on and that it works! Without an avalanche transceiver you will be lost in terrain!
  • Practise using the detection equipment from time to time! In the case of emergency rescue by your friends is often the only chance of survival, since valuable minutes will be ticking by until the Mountain Rescue team arrive!
  • On no account rely on clothing which has sewn-in safety systems! This can cost you your life - until the Mountain Rescue team gets to you via their search devices, and your friends won’t be able to help you!
  • Wear a helmet - Krippenstein is a cliff which has lots of sinkholes and crevices!!
  • Only go with people who really know the area or guides from Outdoor Leadership! They know the best routes and will take you safely through the free terrain!
  • Take a rucksack with snow shovel, avalanche probe, First Aid kit and a small emergency snack.
  • Be aware of a possible change in the weather, signs of an approaching wind, fog and a rise in temperature.

Risk of falling! Be aware of SKINHOLES!!!

Please note: In the open terrain there are sink holes - collapses or funnel-shaped recesses in the earth’s surface, which have been caused by the loosening of rocks in the bedrock or from the breaking up of caves!

  •  Get information about the latest situation from an avalanche report, e.g. at
  • Pay attention to the avalanche warning lights and information signs. Follow the instructions given by the Piste and Rescue services.
  • Never trust tracks which are already there! There is no guarantee of safety from an avalanche and may even go the completely wrong direction - or head direct into a sinkhole.
  • Never ride alone off the ski piste. Always keep an eye on one another!
  • Avoid the steepest sections in the slope. If you have to tackle steeper sections do so in single file, ensuring there is plenty of room between each person.
  • Save the Tel.No. of the lift company (+43 50 140) ) and Mountain Rescue (140) on your mobile in case of an emergency. If you are in a hollow and have no reception – take out your sim card and dial 112.
  • And another thing: we recommend that you do not head into the Angeralm variants (open ski terrain, long, demanding variants) after 3 p.m. 

'Must have' off piste gear!

Sound knowledge of deep snow skiing and good equipment (avalanche transceiver equipment, helmet, rucksack with snow shovel, avalanche probe and First Aid kit) are basic essentials. At the ski hire shop Dachsteinsport Janu avalanche detectors can also be hired inexpensively, as can helmets, wide freeriding boards and even ready-equipped rucksacks!

It is also very much recommended that you have relevant insurance cover, rescue by the Mountain Rescue service and helicopters can potentially be very expensive! Many car driver associations, credit card companies and also Mountain Rescue membership fees can provide insurance cover.

Please don’t forget to replace the batteries in your avalanche detectors before the season and after it has been used for detection. Since the equipment isn’t worth much if the batteries are dead ...

Do not underestimate the Krippenstein – when the weather turns, nature can become dangerous, not to mention the risk of avalanches and sinkholes. In the terrain you might be thrown back to your own resources and "nothing will happen to me" is not appropriate here!! Make careful decisions, don’t be reckless, in the event of any doubt it is preferable to do one ride less, rather than go one avalanche too far!
You are out there entirely at your own risk!!!!