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Trekking & special guided tours

A very special kick offers the special guided trips and trekking tours through the underground world of the Dachstein caves, which promise cave mystic and pure adventure for individualists and nature lovers. 

Mit erfahrenen Höhlenführern können sich Abenteuerlustige auf die Spuren von Höhlenforschern begeben und durch enge Schlürfe und Kriechstellen, steile Klettersteige und verzweigte Gänge tief in das entlegene, labyrinthartige Innere des Dachstein-Massivs eindringen.

Mammuthöhle / Mammut Cave
Höhlentrekking / Cave trekking

Mammut Cave

Submerse yourself in a fascinating underground world with an adventurous trekking tour! Grab your overalls, head torch and helmet and explore the Verfallenen Burg or make a day trip through the Große Mammuthöhle

Koppenbrüllerhöhle / Koppenbrüller Cave
Höhlentrekking / Cave trekking

Koppenbrüller Cave

You can explore the "wild" side of the cave in one of the trekking tours for the whole family. Take the child-friendly short adventure tour or the challenging trekking tour "Urwassergänge" along the original waterways, you'll feel like a real explorer!

Info on trekking tours:

Registration/booking  for a guided cave trekking tour at least 1 - 2 weeks in advance to the desired date!

  • Guided trekking tours are only held for groups with the purchase of tickets within one group / a pool. 
  • The trekking tours are individually tailored to the participants / group
  • The equipment (jumpsuit, helmet and headlamp) is provided.
  • Bring at your own: sturdy/non-slip shoes
  • Participation at the trekking tour is possible from the schoolchild to the adventurous adult because of the individual duration difficulty.

Registration & Booking:
Customer Service Team
phone: +43 50 140


You will surely not forget your trekking experience! Wind yourself through narrow tunnels, lower oneself down on a rope and experience the gloom of the caves – for a real adrenaline rush ;-)

Cave trekking tours

Große Mammuthöhle

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Verfallene Burg

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Adventure tour

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