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The Krippenstein rises impressively up above Salzkammergut and doesn’t just offer hikers and climbers the perfect view. From the summit of the Krippenstein down to the lake Hallstättersee the most spectacular views open up for paragliders - and the most challenging glide sections.

Around the Dachstein glacier there are plenty of flying and flight facilities for paragliding pilots, the safety training centre at Sky Club Austria provides the ideal training conditions for pilots of all abilities and the incredible scenery of the Dachstein Krippenstein in the Salzkammergut.

The Krippenstein is an exclusive terrain for Sky Club Austria Flying School. Course participants have priority at the starting point, an undisturbed exercise airspace above the water and an own landing field at the lake.

There is scarcely any more ideal place for flights to carry out safety training courses:  The starting altitude for exercises above the lake is more than 1000 m, lake Hallstättersee is protected from the wind thanks to its location in the basin and the starting and landing field at Krippenstein/Hallstättersee are spacious and well maintained.

Paraglider start point with visibility

Bergstation Krippenstein » Panoramakarte // montain station Krippenstein » panorama map
5fingers Aussichtsplattform / viewing platform

Cable car = mountain station Krippenstein (section 2)
Walking time to the start point = approx. 20 minutes
Starting point = close to the viewing platform 5fingers

You ride up comfortable by Dachstein Krippenstein cable car (section 1 + 2) to the mountain station Krippenstein and in about 20 minutes on the trail to the 5fingers viewing platformyou reach the starting point. From the start you can enjoy the gorgeous panorama of the Dachstein, Hallstatt and Salzkammergut, while you glide with your paraglider into the valley.

Flight School Sky Club Austria

At the Dachstein Krippenstein lies the world-famous safety training center for paraglieder pilots, run by the Flight School Sky Club Austria.

As as special highlight the Flight School Sky Club Austria offers tandem-passenger flights form the Krippenstein. A tandem flight is a magnificient and uncomplicated experince everyone can enjoy. A short sprint and you take off into freedom. Suitable for passengers form 30 kg to 100 kg bodyweight. 

Contact & Booking: 
Flight School Sky Club Austria
Tel: +43 699 12 33 22 11
E-Mail: office@skyclub-austria.at 

Up on the mountain, smile for the photo - and jump into the air!

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