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Via ferrata Dachstein Krippenstein

Alpine adventure & pure adrenaline

Thrills and rushes of pure adrenaline out on the wire of the 'Via Ferrata Dachstein Krippenstein’! The fixed rope course on the Krippenstein, a high point for any fan of the Alps, affords an unforgettable Alpine adventure with a vast breathtaking view from the Inner Salzkammergut as far out as the Dachstein Glacier. 

The Dachstein Krippenstein via ferrata can be traversed across courses at varying levels of difficulty (BLUE/Himmeleck, GREEN/Gams and ORANGE/Nordwand), and following its wire cables and footholds unravels a tremendous Alpine experience.

In just 20 minutes from the mountain station of Dachstein Krippenstein cable car you reach via hiking trail to the 5fingers viewing platform the access point of the via ferrata

Tip: At your ascent by cable car (section II) to the mountain station Krippenstein you can see on the right side the 'Dachstein Gams' (chamois) of the via ferrata.

Climbing route info:

Brief overview: 
- Access point 20 min
- Himmeleck to the Gams | A | 650 metres’ climb
- Gams to the 5fingers | B/C | 350 metres’ climb
- Westpfeiler | E+ | 850 metres’ climb

Access point 20 min:
Take the footpath from the Krippenstein top station heading north (5fingers). About halfway, follow a clear sign pointing east as far as the ‘Himmeleck’ access.

BLUE > Himmeleck Via Ferrata | B | 650 metres’ climb:
Stunning Alpine amateurs’ tour, not for beginners though. This via ferrata runs 600m north from the ‘Himmeleck’ access on the east side of the Krippenstein towards the ‘Gams’ (chamois sculpture).

GREEN > Gams Via Ferrata | C | 350 metres' climb:
From the ‘Gams’, either take the same climbing route back to the ‘Himmeleck’ again, or go on up 350m to the 5fingers observation deck. This exit, however, has 2 points at level C difficulty.

ORANGE > Nordwand | E+ | 850 metres’ climb:
The via ferrata at the highest level of difficulty. From the chamois sculpture, it starts off as a descent, which then veers off 450m across to the west up under the north face of the Krippenstein. This then stretches on for a total climb of 400m. The north face starts with an overhang, its difficulty ranging up to E+. It then continues at a slight angle on towards the west across exposed, solid slabs of rock. 

The west end of the via ferrata is the exit for BASE jump. The upper part continues on from the ‘Base Exit’ for a further distance of 100m at level E+ difficulty. 

Cable car management / Emergency info: +43 50 140 12180 
Mountain rescue service: 140

Outdoor Leadership
Commissioned by the Dachstein tourist industry 

Dachstein Tourismus AG

The builder (Outdoor Leadership / Helmut Putz), the owner (Dachstein Tourismus AG), and the landowner (Austrian Federal Forestry Office) assume no liability for the security and condition of the via ferrata facility or its use. Anyone crossing does so of their own volition and requires sufficient planning, self-assessment, preparation, training as well as physical and mental fitness. This via ferrata does NOT constitute a beginners’ climb, but more of a challenging via ferrata course with all the Alpine perils in store up in the mountains. If a rescue expedition is required as a result of the climber’s own mistake or incorrect self-assessment, then rescue costs will have to be charged.

Safety First: mandatory!

To take on the athletic challenge of the Dachstein Krippenstein via ferrata, you will require the following: 

  • Climbing harness with via ferrata kit
  • Rock climbing helmet
  • First Aid kit
  • Climbing boots for the 'Nordwand'
  • Climbing sling for overhangs ('Nordwand')
  • Same as always applies: Safety First!

Making your way safely over the via ferrata:
Climbing tips - 'Österreichischen Bergrettung'

Via ferrata courses & lessons

With the qualified mountain guides and pro climbers at Outdoor Leadership, you can get off to a good start in the world of climbing, or enhance your skills to take on the more tricky via ferratas.

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