Mars Analog
field test 2012
Dachstein in the Salzkammergut / Summer / Below ground / Dachstein Mars Simulation
Dachstein Rieseneishöhle/ Giant Ice Cave

Dachstein Mars Simulation

Mission to Mars

In April 2012, the Dachstein Giant Ice Cave served as the perfect setting for the field trial of a newly developed Mars space suit. Between 27 April to 01 May 2012, a five day Mars analogue field test took place at the Mammut cave and the Giant Ice cave at the Dachstein region in southern Upper Austria coordinated by the Austrian Space Forum (ÖWF).

During this test, the most advanced version of the Aouda.X spacesuit and selected geophysical and life-science related experiments were conducted to providing the Austrian Space Forum with important findings for a manned mission to Mars. 

'Aouda D.' Mars space suit

In cooperation with the ÖWF (the Austrian Space Forum is currently the only institution in Europe working on the development of a Mars space suit) the world's unique Aouda.D Mars space suitis exclusively presented in the middle station Schönbergalm.